Kettlebell Workout with Jump Rope

jump rope workout
Jump Rope workout

Jump Rope and Kettlebell Workout

In continuing with offering you quick 3o-60 minute workouts that you can do at home, we have come up with another cardio blaster with an added bonus – forearm burner! The duo of the jump rope and the kettlebell will have your forearms screaming, and give you a post workout pump that will have you running to the beach to show off!!!

Jump Rope Standards/How To

The jump rope has to be one of the oldest pieces of fitness equipment, however for most of us, the jump rope started off as a childhood staple! I can remember double ditching and jump rope running for hours in my childhood. The old chorded rope with the plastic handles will surely bring us down memory lane!
jump rope workout Ahh the memories! Jump rope as with everything else, have evolved over the years, to plastic, wire, etc. For the purpose of our workout we want whatever you have! If you can jump over it, use it!

A refresher is to hold both handles of the jump rope on either side of you, and start with the jump rope behind your heels. Use your wrists to flock it up over your head and down the front of you, and jump over it as it comes back to floor.

If you are a jump rope guru, you can do “Double Unders” which means as your jump over the rope, you actually send the rope under your feet TWICE! It is a staple in the Crossfit community!

Ideally, the right length of the jump rope will meet right up under your armpits.

Kettlebell Standards/How To

For the purposes of the workout we will outline below, we will be using the kettlebell (KB for shorthand) for Russian Kettlebell Swings, Goblet Squat and a Kettlebell Deadlift. Let’s go over them!

Russian Kettlebell Swings

russian kettlebell swing
Picture from AverageMarriedDad

As you can see from this picture we swing kettlebell through our legs being us, while keeping our core tight and back straight. From there we squeeze our glutes together and push our hips forward to bring that KB through our legs and at about eye level. In that second position, your bum should be squeezed and your shoulders engaged. We then allow gravity to drop the KB between our legs again, and repeat.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Prior to doing the Goblet Squat with any weight, please ensure that you can correctly perform an Air Squat to depth and stability.

goblet squat








There are two ways to hold the Kettlebell for the Goblet Squat as seen above. In the first sequence, hot the kettlebell upside down and press your palms into it and cup the bottom of the kettlebell..

In the second sequence, you can hold the handle of the kettlebell. In both scenarios it is important to keep the KB close to your chest and not let it fall towards your abdomen.

As far as the Squat is concerned, please keep your chest up, weight in your heels and get your bottom below parallel!

Kettlebell Deadlift


Kettlebell Deadlift

The Kettlebell Deadlift, as show above, is simply picking the KB from the floor, to a full standing position. However, do not let the simplicity of the movement deter from its effectiveness. If we do this the right way, we will feel it in our lower back and hamstrings. Keep your back straight as you lift up, and allow your hips and hamstrings to do the work!


The Workout!

Finally, time to do the workout..let’s go!!! Choose a KB weight that will allow you to do all the movements safely and within your skill. For most people a 20lb KB will be more than sufficient!

  • Warm Up/Stretch¬†(5-10 minutes)
    • Start with some slow jump rope single under. get the wrists and forearms going.Jump high on the warmups to get your ankles warmed up.
    • Stretch our your wrists.
      • 3 Rounds for Warmup
        • 10 Single Unders
        • 8 Air Squats
        • 6 Push Ups
        • 4 KB Deadlifts
        • 2 Russian KB Swings
  • Workout¬†
    • EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for 20 Minutes. This means that for each minute listed below you complete the work. You rest with the time that is left. At the top of the next minute you move on to the next movement.
      • EMOM 20
        • Minute 1: 25 Single Unders (Or 25 Double Unders)
        • Minute 2: 20 Russian Kettlebell Swings
        • Minute 3: 20 Goblet Squats
        • Minute 4: 25 Kettlebell Deadlifts
        • Minute 5: Rest
      • So this will be 4 rounds of each movement.
  • Cool Down – Stretch out shoulders, forearms and take a breather. Great Job!

Hope you enjoyed it..

Hope you had a great workout and learned some new moves! Please check back for more at home workouts!


Disclaimer: Please do not use our workouts before consulting a health professional and know that you are in a physical capacity to workout. Also, if you are unsure of movement standards, contact a local fitness professional.

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