Find Fitness Motivation that works for you!

fitness motivation

fitness motivation

Find Fitness Motivation

  1. the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way
  2. the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Ahh, to find fitness motivation out can sometimes take all of our energy! The definition above makes it seem so easy to just find a reason to do something..then do it! But we all know it is not that easy! Especially when we are talking physical activity.

Many ways to find fitness motivation

As an active person myself, I can usually get myself motivated to workout. I depend on the timing of my crossfit class at 7:30pm to get me out of the house and onto that gym floor after a long day at work. However, sometimes I find I can’t make it to the box, and I find myself in my basement looking at my equipment and not moving! Haha, we have all been there, we have the best intentions but sometimes cannot deliver. Here are some helpful hints to stay motivated!

Find your Reasons! – 

What is your reason for WANTING to work out? What is your GOAL? Is it to look better? Feel better? Burn off steam from work/life/etc? Look to yourself and have a conversation to find fitness motivation. And don’t always just grasp onto one reason, our reasons can change daily, as long as the GOAL stays the same. Some days I workout to let out frustrations from a bad day, and other days it is because I really want to attack that particular workout. However, my goal stays the same which is to workout daily to keep myself healthy and mobile!

Finding your reasons will always give you a reminder of why you are doing this. Sometimes just a daily reason is not enough to keep us on check out below other ways you can keep your workout regiment in line….

Go to a Class/Session! – 

This is probably the easiest way to find fitness motivation. Setting a goal of making it to a gym/crossfit/personal training session at a specific time will usually keep you on track. Not allowing yourself to have an excuse “maybe tomorrow” because you already have an appointment scheduled. If you cancel, you are out money, and wasted a trainers time. Being proactive and choosing a class/session will force you to be accountable!

Just Stand Up….

Just stand up you say??? What?! I know it sounds silly, but say you have a day off from work so your daily itinerary changes. (Usually you are regimented to go to work, go to gym whether it is before or after work) Now you have all this free time during the day that you COULD go, but oh this TV show is on or this errand needs to get done or any other excuse. Solution? Just stand up. Just get up and START THE PROCESS! Whether the process is to get a quick at home workout or to head to your local gym. Put it in your mind that you are going now, then stand up and grab your keys!

Every giant decision or life change started with a small action such as this..these decisions start somewhere and it’s that small action that gets the ball rolling!

Look to the past to change the future..

This one is not always easy to do but will usually get you to find fitness motivation. I do it, not all the time but sometimes on those dreary days or late nights it helps. Look to the past to change your future..this can mean looking to a past picture of yourself. It could be a picture from a year ago when you looked better or worse than you do now. But that will trigger you to say, I want/don’t want this again, I am going to go move and workout. 

Looking to your past you can find decisions you made that you weren’t happy about, but now you have the power to make the better decision for you. We can never change the past, but we can change our future with the decisions we make today.

Find You…

In the end, to find fitness motivation it has to be from you! You are the leader of your life, the CEO of your mind. I have spent the majority of my life letting others make decisions for me and living out what I thought they would approve of. It’s not the way. I am slowly finding out that I have to lead myself, and find my happiness.

Find My Gym is all about that! Finding what fits you, and knowing that it’s not a one size fits all mold. So when you look to find motivation, realize that you are the only one with the answer. You hold it all, and it can be an empowering feelings. Also realizing that NO workout is ever regretted!

So go find your reasons, your motivation and CRUSH that workout!


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