Fitness Journey – Pave your own way!

fitness journey

Welcome to your fitness journey! The fitness journey you have control of!

Fitness Centers – Traditional

These are your traditional gyms that have been around for years. They often contain a multitude of cardio machines, as well as strength machines. Free weights are usually held to dumbbells. They are a great bang for your buck most of the time. Your can get unlimited usages for as low as $20/month.  However, they lack structure for the unknowledgeable fitness enthusiast. However, if you are one to just want to get in and get out traditional gyms may be for you.

Crossfit Gyms (Boxes)

Often called boxes because they are well..boxes! Usually a large space with all equipment around edges. You won’t find cardio or strength equipment in boxes, oh no! They specialize in functional fitness that includes barbell training, kettle bells, boxes jumps, pull up rig and not to forget the cardio, running/rowing. They are structured one-hour classes with a coach, and depending on the size of the box can be anywhere from 5-20 people per class. They are expensive though, often running between $125-$250/month with varying levels of membership.

Misc – Karate/MMA, etc.

Looking for a different kick?! A specialized gym for MMA/Karate/Kickboxing/etc can be right up your ally! Learn and grow in a new sport while staying fit! How can you go wrong? Group classes and individual training are often offered, and prices vary depending on what you are looking for.

Personal Training

Some trainers break away from the mold and take on their own clients. Some will even travel with equipment to give you the ease of working out at home. If you don’t like the thought of group classes or sweaty machines at the gym, a one on one personal trainer could be for you! However, not all trainers own their own equipment and will work out of a regular gym, but their are plenty out there that will travel to you!

That’s the quick skinny on some options for you! In later blogs we will delve deeper into each category! In the meantime you can check out some great Instagram accounts for some motivation!

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