Fitness Centers – Will a Fitness Center Work for Me?

fitness center
Fitness Centers
Fitness Centers

We have talked briefly about Crossfit thus far, and now we will give our attention to Fitness Centers. When we talk about fitness centers, we are usually referring to the “traditional” gym that we have all been members of. Fitness Centers are usually very well kept, fully stocked with weight, cardio and dumb bells, and also usually offer one on one training. Let’s review some Pros and Cons!

Fitness Center PROS:

  • Hours of operation– Fitness Centers usually open around 5am and will stay open until 9pm or sometimes as late as 11pm. There are also 24 hour fitness centers, and most will also be open on weekends! So for 9-5 warriors or working parents this could be a great selling point!
  • Price– As compared to Crossfit or personal training, a fitness center will most likely be the cheapest option. A monthly membership can be as low as $10 to roughly $35-$40. Some also offer bring a friend for free which can be a great perk. Some higher scale fitness centers that offer salon type style offerings will range much higher than this.
  • Classes– Fitness Centers offer a plethora of classes including Zumba, HIIT, Cycling, etc. Almost always these classes are offered for free with a membership. This is a great way to jazz up your training!
  • Equipment– Treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, and dumbbells are usually a-plenty in a worthwhile fitness center. The idea behind this is never to have someone have to wait to use a machine. However sometimes at peak hours, this can still happen.
  • Personal Training– Personal training is a great way to keep yourself in check, and most fitness centers will offer you time one on one with a trainer. That’s great! But it can also cost more money-see below.

Fitness Center CONS:

  • Direction/Motivation– For some who are new to working out, getting a membership and being on your own can be overwhelming. You often get bored of doing the same stuff, and soon find yourself not going to the gym as much.
  • Hidden Costs/Personal Training– If you find yourself lost and bored at a fitness center, get a Personal trainer! But beware, this is usually not part of your membership and can be quite pricey, upwards of $60-80/hour.

There are clearly many pros to joining a traditional fitness center! They are a great way to stay in shape and offer many classes and personal training. Be aware of hidden costs with training an you should be fine!!

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