Crossfit Basics – A Quick Guide to Crossfit

crossfit basics
crossfit basics
Crossfit Basics: Forging Elite Fitness

Crossfit Basics

Get in on the crossfit basics – Crossfit Gyms or “Boxes” as thy are called have a way of scaring off people. ┬áIt’s called a box, because unlike conventional gyms where all the equipment is laid out in the middle of the floor, Crossfit are usually large warehouse style with all equipment on the sides, and nothing in the middle as to allow group classes to be held.

“I need to get into shape before I do Crossfit.” – That is the NUMBER 1 lie you tell yourself!!! The whole point of crossfit, or any fitness regimen, is to get into shape! When you are searching “gyms near me” in google and you see some Crossfit ones pop up..STOP! Read more, learn more..knowledge is power when it comes to this!

Most people believe crossfit is for the meatheads and not for them, simply because of its bad wrap. However, of you ever look closer into a crossfit box you will see all kinds of people in there…moms, weekend warriors, ex-high school athletes, people that have never worked out, 60 somethings, etc. It’s appeal is that it is available to be down by ANYONE!

I started my crossfit journey when I googled “gyms near me” (which is the south shore of Massachusetts). I noticed one in particular, and realized a friend of mine also went there. I emailed them, and they set me up with two one on one intro classes to go over movements and what happens.

From that moment on I was hooked! You learn how to properly use a barbell and perform Olympic Lifts such as the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. You also learn correct powerlifting technique for the Deadlift, Back Squat and Bench Press. Add to that some cardio such as running and rowing and you have a heart pounding workout!

Quick Guide

How it works: Basically you go to a class, which is one hour long. Classes are set up pretty much the same at all boxes:

  • Warm Up/Stretch – usually 5-10 minutes
  • Strength or Gymnastics skill – Usually about 20 minutes. Strength can be working on anything such as Cleans, Deadlifts or Snatches. Gymnastics will work on pull-ups, muscles, handstands, etc.
  • WOD Review. “WOD” stands for Workout of the Day which is the meat of the class. Crossfit WODS range from 3 minutes-60 minutes in duration, however typically fall into 5-25 minutes. No matter the duration, you are sure to get a heart pounding workout.
  • WOD – 3-2-1 GO! At 3-2-1- GO everyone begins the workout together.
  • Cool Down

Class size will depend on how big your Box is, but typically around 5-20 people with one or two coaches.


Stay tuned for more information on! Visit the Fitness Center Directory to find the perfect center for YOU in Massachusetts!

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