At Home Workouts! Quick and Easy!

At Home Workouts

I haven’t written a lot about myself yet, but I work in a Hospital and do four 10-hour days. Sometimes it can be very difficult to get to the gym at 5:30 when I get out! So I find doing quick at home workouts before I prepare dinner are a great alternative to the gym!

At Home Workouts – 30 minutes? That’s all you need!

When we think about going to the gym after work, sometimes it can be overwhelming. No need to explain to me! After being on my feet for 10 hours a day, sometimes the though of dragging myself to the gym is just too much! But if I don’t get a sweat on somehow I feel like a sloth! So what do I do?! I take 30 minutes or so when I get home for some at home workouts.

As far as equipment is concerned, you don’t need much! It takes no equipment to do air squats, run, do burps, lunges, etc. And then if you have a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell laying around, the possibilities are endless!

No need to waste time heading to the gym when you’re in a time pinch..choose an at home workouts! As this blog continues, I will post many of these at home workouts that you can do, ranging from 30-60 minutes with minimal equipment.

At Home Workouts

I am going to provide an example of at home workouts that you can perform in about 30 minutes.

At Home Workout #1

 Equipment Requirement – None!
  • Warm-up/Stretch – 5-10 Minutes (Moderate pace, allow your heart to get pumping and get the blood flow moving)
    • 3 Rounds
      • 15 Jumping Jacks
      • 10 Air Squats
      • 5 Burpees
    • As you do this warmup, really allow your arms to loosen up in the jumping jacks, and get as deep as you can in the squat and rotate your hips around in the bottom.
  • Workout – 15 minutes
    • With 15:00 on the clock, complete as many rounds as possible of:
      • 20 Walking Lunges (Alternating, 10 each leg)
      • 10 Burpees
      • .25 mile run (or a run that will last about 2:00-2:30 minutes.)
  • Cool Down – 5 Minutes
    • Walk for about two minutes after the clock stops. Stretch any sore spots and continue on with your night!

At Home Workouts..that’s it!

See?! It doesn’t take much! This is a great cardio burner for you! Please check back for more great at home workouts from Find My Gym! And don’t forget..we will have strength trainmen articles as well! Stay tuned!


Disclaimer: Please do not use our workouts before consulting a health professional and know that you are in a physical capacity to workout. Also, if you are unsure of movement standards, contact a local fitness professional.

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