Who are you?

I am glad you asked!

My name is Liz. To be official is is Liz Asci R.T.(R), CF-L1, [NASM CPT (Pending!)]

By trade I am a Radiologic Technologist with many…many years in the medical field. I have studied the human body, it’s muscles, it’s bones, it’s systems extensively throughout my career. I have worked in hospitals, urgent care, emergency rooms, operating rooms, cardiac cath labs, peripheral vascular labs.. to name a few! I have a thirst for knowledge and am constantly seeking it out. I have specialized in Interventional Cardiology for the past two years and (literally) learned the heart inside and out! I still currently work in the field, but have began a new journey in my life.

My passion for helping and teaching people has always been apparent. I have been riding horses since I was 12, and I ran my own Horseback Riding stable for 5 years. I loved teaching children and adults how to ride, and getting them to reach their goals. It was an exciting day every day to train and be with the horses. Getting a client to understand what I  was saying and then translate it into telling the horse what we wanted was one of the best feelings!

That feeling comes back when I coach and help others with their fitness. I find myself happy and at home with this feeling. Therefore, I began the journey to get my CF-L1 and am currently pursuing my National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer certification.

I want to start making a difference with people BEFORE I see them in the hospital. To often I saw patients that just didn’t know or understand how to properly care for their body, and as a result they end up sick and in my care at a hospital.

I have been working out my entire life. I found Crossfit in the winter of 2014 and instantly loved it. My outlook on working out is to just get you to move. I don’t specifically think one way (Crossfit, Weightlifting, Running, etc) is better than the other, but rather the parts equal the whole! I have had instilled in me the basics and want to create that same solid foundation in you. I want you to understand WHY we do something and not just do it blindly.

I want to help you reach your goals!

Education:Bay State Games

  • B.S. Economics
  • A.S. Radiologic Technology


  • CF-LVL1
  • Basic Life Support/CPR
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • 2015 Bay State Games 75kg Winner(Olympic Lifting)
  • 2016 Bay State Games 75kg Winner(Olympic Lifting)
  • Pending: NASM CPT

What is Find My Fitness

Besides an X-Ray Tech, aspiring Fitness Coach, I am also a web blogger and website developer (not too fancy though!). I own numerous .com’s and look for ways to get my hodge lodge of information out to people.

I started FindMyGymMa.com as a Massachusetts Fitness Directory. It didn’t really take off! But, I owned the domain and was starting this new journey, so I decided to change plans and make it my home with blogs and information! The directory is still live and people can add their gyms for free!